Offset & DFIT Monitoring


Rapid Wireline is able to meet your needs for long term data recording with intrinsically safe surface gauges that are able to measure and log casing and/or tubing pressure / temperature ranging from 0-15,000 psi, temperature.


Immediate notification is crucial in the event that a fracturing operation unintentionally communicates with its surface casing vent or with any adjacent wellbores.  Offset wells typically do not possess any forms of communication, power, nor any other instrumentation that can provide external access or notification to its pressure, temperature, or fluid level readings.

Rapid Wireline can deliver real-time data access, event notification, and archival of offset well data quickly and efficiently as outlined below.

A high resolution surface pressure and temperature gauge is installed at the wellhead recording measurements every second on both the tubing and casing valves. The gauge is quite compact and is straightforward to install, configure, and use.

The real time units are self-powered, able to connect to an array of different devices and gauges, and can communicate through any available wireless communications infrastructure including satellite and cell networks.

Once connected to the gauge the units communications system automatically records, buffers, and transmits all of its data in either bursts or real-time streaming to Rapid Wirelines hosted website.

The units are completely automated; it requires no supervision while in operation.  Once the job is completed Rapid Wireline can quickly rig out the equipment and the equipment is now ready for deployment elsewhere.

There are many different data access methods for each listed offset well including:

  • Charting,
  • Tabulated numerical readouts,
  • Alarms and event notifications,
  • Post job data access & downloads.

Configurable alarms can be set on each offset well.  Alarm notifications are sent out as e-mails and text messages the moment the event has been received and processed by the data servers.


Rapid’s offset monitoring solution provides many benefits for our clients including:

  • Access to a secure website containing their offset well data,
  • A comprehensive communications assembly delivering offset well data in real-time with up to once a second updates,
  • Built-in pressure & rate of change charting, tabulated pressure readouts, alarms, etc…
  • Access to offset well data for post job analysis and archival,
  • A cost effective means of obtaining their offset well data,
  • 24 hour support.